Wildlife Consumer Behaviour Change Toolkit


Welcome to the Wildlife Consumer Behaviour Change Toolkit!

This Toolkit is intended to be a comprehensive resource for all those in the ‘Community of Practice’ aiming to change consumer behaviour and reduce demand for illegal wildlife products.

In its current form, the Toolkit provides a single point of reference through which the Community can access the latest research papers, case studies, news items, campaign examples, media articles, business reports, TED talks or Podcasts…  plus many other information resources on those buying/using wildlife products and the behavioural change approaches that can be applied to influence them!

In the future, we will extend the sites’ functionality based on user experience, needs and feedback. We’d love to hear what you would most like to ‘give to’ and ‘gain from’ the Toolkit therefore – what are the ‘must-have’ functions that would really help to inform, guide and sharpen your work? And the key resources that you would like to offer to include within it?

We already hope to add in;

  • A ‘discussion and debate’ section, in which members can reflect on hot topics and key issues;
  • A space for ‘webinars’ and course materials in relation to Social and Behavioural Change Communications, social marketing good practices and behavioural economics principles
  • As many consumer research datasets Community members are happy to share; and
  • A database of behaviour change experts

What other things would you find useful? Please share your ideas on how to make this Toolkit an effective Community resource by completing the feedback form here.

The Toolkit has been developed and is managed by TRAFFIC, the wildlife trade monitoring network. It is a product of our portfolio of work on how to change the behaviour of illegal wildlife product consumers. A Steering Group with members from other organisations is being set up to provide overarching guidance for the Toolkit and we welcome expressions of interest in this. To discuss this or simply find out more, please contact Gayle Burgess (TRAFFIC Consumer Behavioural Change Coordinator).

This Toolkit was developed in close collaboration with the Team at HECT consultancy.

Thank you for your interest in this critical topic. We hope you find the Toolkit useful and look forward to hearing any feedback or requests in due course!