Wildlife Consumer Behaviour Change Toolkit

Engaging Tomorrow's Consumer

A report from the WEF Sustainable Consumption Initiative

A report on how to engage the 3 billion consumers that will enter the middle classes by 2050, providing strategies that companies can employ to promote a more sustainable choice.

What role does civil society play?

The chain between the consumer and the poacher has many links. The trader selling directly to the consumer is an important link. This page provides information on this link to consumers.

Workshop on Demand-side strategies for curbing Illegal Ivory Trade

The workshop aimed at better understanding the markets, motivations and economics of the demand for ivory. The comprehensive report with all presentations includes information on traders. Read More…

The Rhino and the Bling

Underground research

An article by Karl Ammann summarising some of the conspicuous consumption use types for rhino horn in China and Viet Nam. The author visits stores and workshops were illegal products are sold.