Wildlife Consumer Behaviour Change Toolkit

The Ivory Dynasty

A Report on the Soaring Demand for Elephant and Mammoth Ivory in Southern China

Report summarising physical surveys of the availability of product and rough price indicators evident in the ivory market in Southern China, January 2011

How can you influence consumers of wildlife products?

Reducing demand is key for the battle against illegal wildlife trade. Know how consumers make choices. Take the first step to influence them. On this page we provide research insights how consumer behaviour is shaped.

Meet the 2020 Chinese Consumer

Most large, consumer-facing companies have long realized that they will need China’s growth to power their own in the next decade. But to keep pace, they will also need to understand the economic, societal, and demographic changes that are shaping consumers’ profiles and the way they spend. Read More…

Inspiring Sustainable Living

Expert Insights into Behaviour Change

Recognising the significant potential to promote a more sustainable lifestyle choice, Unilever developed their 'Five Levers for Change', now regarded as a good practice benchmark for the private sector.