Wildlife Consumer Behaviour Change Toolkit

Changing Behaviour, Conserving Nature

Understand the basics

Using behaviour change to reduce demand for endangered species products. Presentation by Trihn Nguyen from TRAFFIC about a successful campaign aimed at changing knowledge and attitudes of consumers of wildlife products.

Tools to influence behaviour

Our Tools Centre offers you guidance to change consumer behaviour. How to develop a campaign? Which International agreements and declarations are relevant? Use available strategies to develop your own and help to fight wildlife consumption!

Green Collection Campaign

Having cultural value without reputational cost

The “green collection” initiative calls on collectors to seek out artwork made from green and sustainably sourced materials, items.  Read More…


CSR Guide

Wildlife and Corporate Social Responsibility

How to strengthen your brand integrity, avoid reputational risk and strengthen your appeal to partners and customers


Strategies to combat demand in CITES-Listed species

Recommendations on demand reduction strategies and approaches as identified during CITES CoP17.