Wildlife Consumer Behaviour Change Toolkit

UNGA Resolution

Tackling Wildlife Trafficking

Cornerstone in the rationale for government led actions to tackle illegal wildlife trade. Strong commitments by all the major market States for illegally traded wildlife products, to take action to reduce the demand.

Agreements and Global Declarations

In the Agreement Centre you will find information on the international declarations and treaties aimed at reducing the demand for wildlife products.

Global context

International commitments

Several intergovernmental agreements, including the legally binding Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), include specific commitments for governments to introduce measures aimed at reducing the demand for illegally traded wildlife products. Read More…

CITES Template

Rhino demand reduction strategy

Template provided for CITES Parties reporting under Decision 16:85, measurable reductions in rhino horn consumption. The Annex provides a strategy aimed at reducing the demand for Rhino horn.