Wildlife Consumer Behaviour Change Toolkit

Demand Side Strategies for Curbing Illegal Ivory Trade

A summary of the proceedings of a major workshop in Hangzhou, China

This January 2015 Workshop was co-hosted by the CITES Management Authority of China and the CITES Secretariat. Approximately 80 representatives, experts and specialists discussed the demand for ivory in China and strategies to tackle this.

Markets for ivory

Poaching for ivory a major threat, particularly to African Elephants, with somewhere in the region of 30,000 animals illegally killed per year in Africa in the early 2010s. The ivory is largely smuggled to Asia where it is carved into ornamental objects that are in high demand.
On this page you will find info about the markets for ivory.

Elephant Trade Information System (ETIS)

Monitoring of illegal trade in ivory and other elephant specimens

These reports offer a major assessment of data about Elephant Trade for presentation to the CITES Parties. They contains facts and figures about this trade which endangers elephants around the globe.  Read More…


National Geographic and Globescan research

Reducing Demand for Ivory

Summary of Globescan's research on behalf of National Geographic, which surveyed people in five markets, to identify how many would be interested to buy products. About drivers relevant for behavioural change.