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Gayle Burgess

Expert Directory

Ms Gayle Burgess
Behaviour Change Coordinator

I have 20 years experience in the application of behavioural science research, theory and insight, across health, development, sustainable/ pro-environment lifestyles and now in conservation (for the past seven years). I've designed and delivered local thru global initiatives aiming to influence the consumption choices and day to day habits and practices of individuals and institutions and have established partnerships for impact with public, private, civil society and academic representatives. Look forward to hearing from you!

Language Proficiency: English (Mother tongue)

Expertise: Applied Behavioral Theory, Behavioral Economics, Behavioral Science Research, Behavior Change Communications, Campaign Development, Community Engagement, Consumer Research, Communications, Marketing, Media, Social and Behaviour Change Communications / SBCC, Social Science Research, Social Marketing, Environmental Science; Sustainable Lifestyles; Health and Wellbeing Behaviours; Environmental Psychology; Conservation Science

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